Dr. Jeffrey D. Kittendorf

Jeffrey KittendorfCo-Founder and Co-Managing Partner,
PharmaForensics Laboratories

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Dr. Jeffrey Kittendorf, co-founder and co-managing partner of PharmaForensics Laboratories, oversees day-to-day company operations and is directly involved in all projects. In this capacity, Dr. Kittendorf serves as the direct point of contact for all clients, ensuring not only that each project receives the personal attention our clients deserve but also that each project is performed with the scientific rigor that our clients demand.

Dr. Kittendorf also has experience testifying as a technical expert in both deposition and at trial. Holding a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, Dr. Kittendorf is the author of numerous research papers and reviews. He brings 20 years of interdisciplinary research experience, in industry and academic laboratories, to bear on intellectual property matters involving pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life sciences products.

In addition to his role at PharmaForensics Laboratories, Dr. Kittendorf is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy.


2004-2008 Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Michigan

2004 PhD, Medicinal Chemistry, University of Michigan

1997 BS, Biological Chemistry, Eastern Michigan University

Honors and Awards

2006-2008 NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow

2000-2004 NIH Pre-doctoral Fellow

2002-2003 Horace H. Rackham Pre-doctoral Fellows

Representative Publications

  1. Akey, D.L., Kittendorf, J.D. (co-first author), Giraldes, J.W., Fecik, R.A., Sherman, D.H., and Smith, J.L. 2006. “Structural basis for macrolactonization by the pikromycin thioesterase”; Nature Chem. Biol., 2(10), 537-542.
  2. Kittendorf, J.D., Beck, B.J., Buchholz, T.J., Seufert, W., and Sherman, D.H. 2007. “Interrogating the molecular basis for multiple macrolactone ring formation by the pikromycin polyketide synthase”; Chem. Biol., 14(8): 944-954.
  3. Hansen, D.A., Rath, C.M., Eisman, E.B., Narayan, A.R.H., Kittendorf, J.D., Mortison, J.D., Joon, Y.J., Sherman, D.H., “Biocatalytic synthesis of pikromycin, methymycin, neomethymycin, novamethymycin, and ketomethymycin”; J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 135(30), 11232-11238 (2013).

Representative Examples of Intellectual Property Engagements

  1. Abbott Laboratories and Surmodics vs. Church and Dwight (2009)
    Case: 07-CV-3428
  2. Monsanto Co. vs. Dupont Co. (2011)
    Case: 09-CV-00686
  3. Kaneka vs. ZMC, XKGC, PRI, MGCC, & Shenzhou Biology & Tech
    Co. Case: ITC 337-TA-790
  4. Purdue Pharmaceuticals vs Impax Laboratories (2013)
    Case: 11-CV-2400

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