Genetics and Molecular Biology

Genetics and Molecular BiologyGenetic analysis is becoming increasingly important in intellectual property matters involving genetically modified biotechnology and agricultural products, ranging from recombinant proteins to industrial biotechnology microorganisms and herbicide-resistant crops. Genetic analysis is the only way to definitively know if a particular gene has been inserted into a genome to create a genetically modified version.

PharmaForensics Laboratories draws upon a wealth of expertise in genetics and molecular biology to answer important questions regarding genetic alterations of modified products. Our laboratory is equipped to perform a variety of routine molecular biology experiments to determine if an organism has been deliberately modified to include foreign DNA.

Our laboratory capabilities enable us to isolate genomic DNA, amplify specific genes with custom primers and purify the gene product. For DNA sequencing, we have established a relationship with a preferred partner who offers us confidential DNA sequencing services and support, while providing documentation of chain of custody. Once DNA sequencing is complete, we use state of the art computational tools to analyze the sequencing data.

Our capabilities also extend to isolating RNA from microorganisms or agricultural products, for subsequent conversion to cDNA and DNA sequencing analysis.

In addition to PCR, our molecular biology capabilities are wide-ranging, and include agarose gel electrophoresis, restriction digest mapping, southern blotting, northern blotting and cloning.

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