Genomics and Microbiology

Genomics and MicrobiologyMany industrial biotechnology products, such as vitamins, amino acids, pharmaceutical intermediates and nutritional supplements, are generated via the large-scale fermentation of microorganisms. The microorganism is genetically evolved through a variety of mutagenic techniques for maximal production of the product. Often these strains are tightly held trade secrets. If a competitor can access these strains, it can greatly expedite their path to market. Unfortunately, this scenario is not uncommon.

In these types of misappropriation matters, the only way to determine the authenticity of the strain at issue is to perform a comparative genomic analysis. This involves isolating genomic DNA, complete DNA sequencing of the genome using next-generation sequencing (NGS) techniques, and bioinformatics analysis. We have the expertise and ability to perform this type of comprehensive genomics analysis, in conjunction with our preferred DNA sequencing partner.

Our laboratory is equipped to perform standard microbiology experiments, which not only support our genomics capabilities but to also enable the following comparative analyses:

  • Phenotypic analyses
  • Growth curves
  • Metabolite production profiles
  • Gene Expression analysis
  • Proteomics analysis

Our microbiological capabilities allow us to perform anti-microbial effectiveness testing on pharmaceutical formulations.

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